Deliver the Sheath Extrusion Line for Low Voltage Power Cables

Post time: Jun-18-2021

The extrusion line for sheathing or insulation is one of the main machines in production wire & cables. The order of the extrusion line which is going to ready to dispatch is consist of portal type pay-off, 2 caterpillars, 120 extruder, spark tester, etc. The 120 extrusion line is mainly used to produce the sheathing and insulation of Low Voltage power cables.
The customer compared the quotations and offers of many companies. Our company LINT TOP obtained this cooperation opportunity in the final stage with professional technology, good service and excellent customer feedback.
We appreciate the trust of customers, but LINT TOP will still work hard on professional skills and product quality, better serve wire and cable manufacturers, and promote high-quality Chinese-made wire and cable equipment to the entire world.
The extrusion line will have an inner commissioning before dispatch, then each parts of the extrusion line will be packaged to make sure it could be loaded into container conveniently. I list some of the parts as below:

Inspecting the whole 120 sheath extrusion line: Pay-off and take-up, Belt caterpillar capstan, 120 extruder, etc.

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