Inspection of Double-head Motorized Pay-off: The Best Pay-off for Double Twist Bunching Machines While Producing Flexible Conductors

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In the entire production process of wire and cable, the flexible cables are widely used for the buildings, etc. The flexible cables are mostly Class 5/6 conductors(also called flexible conductor), the double twister bunching machines is the mostly used for manufacturing class 5/6 conductors.

Normally, the double twist bunching machine is the most suitable for Class5/6 conductor stranding, it has the very high productivity and reliable performance.

Double-head Motorized Pay-off


The double-head motorized pay-off is suitable for multi-wire in bobbins from the multi-wire drawing machines. As the double twister bunching machines are mostly use thin single wires, the double-head motorized pay-off will be the best pay-off for the double twist bunching machines while producing flexible conductors.

Double-head Motorized Pay-off..

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Double Twist Bunching Machines

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