LINT TOP Successfully Completes Commissioning of Low Voltage Power Cable Plant Turnkey Project in Egypt

Post time: Aug-16-2023   View: 359

In the year 2022, LINT TOP, a leading provider of cable machinery, marked a significant milestone by delivering a comprehensive set of cable manufacturing equipment to a client in Egypt. The shipment included an array of machinery such as rod breakdown machine (RBD machine), medium wire drawing machine, fine wire drawing machine, a 630 bunching machine, 1250 double twisting stranding machine, rigid frame strander, cradle type laying up machine, steel tape armoring machine, three extrusion lines, two automatic coiling and packaging machines, and one rewinding line.

This delivery holds special significance as the client embarked on the establishment of their first-ever low-voltage power cable factory and building wire factory. However, due to their limited experience in the field, LINT TOP took the initiative to lend a helping hand. In June of the current year, a team of seven experienced engineers from LINT TOP traveled to Egypt to provide on-site assistance and expertise throughout the installation and commissioning process.

LINT TOP Successfully Completes Commissioning of Low Voltage Power Cable Plant Turnkey Project in Egypt (1)

The entire installation process spanned approximately one month, during which LINT TOP's engineers worked hand-in-hand with the factory workers, ensuring that each piece of equipment was meticulously installed and calibrated. The engineers focused their attention on critical aspects such as equipment alignment, the precision of the frame strander's carriage, coaxial alignment, vertical and horizontal leveling, and more. Notably, the installation of the rigid frame strander's loading device posed a challenge beyond the client's capabilities. LINT TOP's engineers tirelessly collaborated with the client, fine-tuning the angles and positioning until the installation was flawlessly executed.

Following the completion of the equipment installation in July, LINT TOP's engineers conducted a comprehensive and systematic inspection to validate the installation quality. This inspection covered critical elements such as equipment centering and leveling, pipeline connections, electrical circuitry, and other vital parameters. Once satisfied with the meticulous installation, the machinery transitioned into the phase of unloaded commissioning.

LINT TOP Successfully Completes Commissioning of Low Voltage Power Cable Plant Turnkey Project in Egypt (2)

A remarkable achievement, the unloaded commissioning phase commenced promptly after the equipment was energized and extended over a period of ten days. During this phase, all machinery underwent a battery of tests to ensure their functionality and efficiency under various simulated conditions. Encouragingly, all equipment successfully passed the unloaded testing phase with flying colors.

At present, LINT TOP eagerly awaits the preparation of raw materials by the client for the subsequent loaded commissioning. Anticipation runs high as the client gears up for the loaded commissioning, which will be a crucial step towards the factory's eventual production commencement. LINT TOP remains dedicated to providing unwavering support to their client, underlining their commitment to technological excellence and fostering successful industrial partnerships.