LINT TOP Successfully Wins Cable Stranding Machine Order from Serbian Cable Manufacturer

Post time: Apr-26-2024   View: 12

In August 2023, cable equipment manufacturer LINT TOP successfully established contact with a cable manufacturer in Serbia, where the client sought a quote for copper rod breakdown machine. After in-depth communication and understanding between the sales engineer and the client, LINT TOP provided a detailed quotation, laying the foundation for cooperation between the two parties.

However, in October 2023, the Serbian client suddenly announced that they had secured a large order for ABC cables, prompting an urgent need to purchase a 1600/1+3 cradle type laying up machine. Upon learning of this situation, LINT TOP's sales engineer promptly analyzed the client's requirements, equipment technical parameters, and production capacity, swiftly providing the client with the latest quotation.

cradle type laying up machine-5

In early 2024, the client visited LINT TOP's headquarters in China, engaging in extensive discussions with the chief engineer and the sales team, and touring other users' factories to gain a comprehensive understanding of the cable laying up machine's actual operation. The client expressed great satisfaction with LINT TOP's cable equipment quality, technical support, and service system.

Upon returning to Serbia, the two parties immediately signed the contract to formalize this successful collaboration. Currently, LINT TOP is producing the cradle type laying up machine as scheduled and will deliver it as promised, providing the Serbian client with high-quality cable manufacturing solutions.

This collaboration not only showcases LINT TOP's expertise in the cable equipment manufacturing sector but also builds a stronger bridge for friendly cooperation between businesses in China and Serbia.