LINTTOP Engineering Team Successfully Completed Commissioning of LAN Cable Wire Drawing and SFS Insulation Tandem Line

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South Africa, December 2023 - This month, the LINTTOP 5 top professionals arrived at the largest LAN cable factory in South Africa and successfully assisted the customer in completing the commissioning of the wire drawing and skin-foam-skin insulation tandem line.

The wire drawing and skin-foam-skin insulation tandem line adopts integral wire drawing machine with continuous annealer and preheater. Annealing and preheating temperatures are automatically track with speed, to ensure accurate wire elongation after annealing. The main extruder adopts the most advanced screw for gas injection, and is equipped with the German MAXIMATOR brand nitrogen injection system and precision injection needle, making the foam more uniform, fine and stable. The cross-head adopts the original imported Swiss MICRODIA brand self-centering cross-head with micron-adjustment, which can obtain higher insulation concentricity. The take-up part adopts fully automatic dual spooler, which can realize automatic bobbin change without stopping, greatly improves production efficiency. The wire drawing and SFS insulation tandem line is equipped with Swiss Zumbach brand online monitoring system, which can realize online monitor of the diameter of annealed copper wire, water capacitance value, insulation outer diameter, insulation eccentricity, etc. to ensure that the production process is highly stable.

wire drawing and skin-foam-skin insulation tandem line (2)

Upon arriving at the customer's factory, the engineering team quickly began a detailed inspection of the wiring and installation of the wire drawing and skin-foam-skin insulation tandem line. Given that the equipment had been tested before leaving the factory, and that the customer was an experienced LAN cable manufacturer, the engineers confirmed that there were no problems with the installation of the equipment.

Immediately afterwards, the engineers used bare copper wires to test the machine and tested the triple-layer co-extrusion extruder. However, in the initial stages, the line speeds were unable to be increased. After careful investigation, engineers found that the problem was with the gas injection needle. The original gas injection needle was small and had limited flow rate, resulting in an inability to increase the speed. Once the problem was confirmed, the customer quickly took measures and replaced the large-sized gas injection needle, which quickly increased the production line speed.

wire drawing and skin-foam-skin insulation tandem line (11)

This successful commissioning not only demonstrated the professionalism and technical strength of the LINTTOP engineering team, but also provided strong support for the smooth operation of the production line of South Africa's largest LAN cable factory. The outstanding performance of the LINTTOP engineering team once again demonstrates LINTTOP's leading position in the LAN cable equipment industry.