Polish Cable Manufacturer Successfully Procures Planetary Strander and Drum Twister from LINT TOP, Embarks on New Journey in Mining Cable Field

Post time: Apr-24-2024   View: 15

In January 2023, a Polish cable manufacturer purchased a heavy type braiding machine from LINT TOP, a leading supplier of quality cable equipment, becoming a key supporter in the company's production process. After a series of installations, commissioning, and production processes, the Polish client highly praised the performance and quality of the LINT TOP equipment.

In April of this year, with the expansion of their business, the Polish client collaborated again with LINT TOP to introduce a new project in the mining cable field. Due to the client's high requirements for equipment quality, technical support, and after-sales service, they made three trips to China specifically to engage in in-depth cooperation and discussion with LINT TOP. They discussed technical details with LINT TOP engineers multiple times and visited the production bases of other LINT TOP customers in person to fully understand the equipment's operation.

Drum Twister

Ultimately, the Polish cable manufacturer procured a 630/1+6+12+18+24 planetary strander and a 2500 drum twister to meet the requirements of the new project. Currently, the project is in the equipment production stage, and both parties are maintaining close communication and cooperation to ensure smooth progress. The Polish client expressed confidence in future cooperation and looks forward to jointly creating a brighter future with LINT TOP.