Quick Commissioning of LINT TOP Copper Rod Breakdown Machine for Algerian Customer

Post time: Jun-18-2024   View: 14

LINT TOP's engineering team has been active in our wire and cable manufacturing customer factories around the world, providing them with the most complete technical services. This time, our engineers had just completed the commissioning of one wire drawing machine project in Algeria, and they rushed to the customer's factory to commissioning the copper rod breakdown machine(RBD machine).

Before starting the commissioning work, our sales engineer had fully connected with the customer. Ensure that all relevant conditions such as water supply, electrical, and gas conditions meet the commissioning requirements, and that the equipment is reasonably placed according to the layout diagram, and the equipment spacing is appropriate and clean. This series of preliminary preparations not only saves customers' time, but also enables LINT TOP engineers to carry out commissioning work more efficiently, demonstrating our strict control of the work process.

copper rod breakdown machine

After the engineers arrived at the factory, they first conducted a comprehensive inspection of the on-site environment and equipment installation condition, and found problems such as unreasonable equipment spacing, inaccurate fixing methods, and poor factory hygiene conditions. The engineers assisted the customer in solving these problems and entered the commissioning phase.

After about a week of hard work, the first step of the copper rod breakdown machine(RBD machine) commissioning work was successfully completed. The customer highly recognized our professional capabilities and hoped to receive further operator training services as they don’t have rich experience in the operating. We will continue to arrange engineers to provide customers with more in-depth technical support and training services about copper rod breakdown machine(RBD machine).

take-up system of copper rod breakdown machine

This commissioning work once again demonstrated the strength and professionalism of LINT TOP's global technical service team. We not only provide equipment, but also bring customers a full range of technical support and efficient service experience. No matter where the customer is, our engineering team will arrive at the site as soon as possible to solve the problem and ensure the smooth operation of the equipment.