Strategic Partnership Unveiled: Brazilian LAN Cable Manufacturer Expands Operations through LINT TOP Machinery

Post time: Oct-20-2023   View: 84

In a significant leap towards advancing their cable production capabilities, a leading Brazilian LAN cable manufacturing company has strengthened its ties with LINT TOP, a Chinese equipment supplier. Originally, the Brazilian company focused on the LAN cable production process including pair twisting, cabling, to sheath extruding, the Brazilian company recently expand their production to the first step, wire drawing and insulation extruding, showcasing a dedication to technological progress.

After multiple rounds of supplier inspections, the Brazilian company selected LINT TOP as their supplier of wire drawing and solid insulation tandem line.

wire drawing and solid insulation tandem line

The collaboration began in February of this year when the Brazilian company purchased wire drawing and solid insulation tandem line for the production of Cat.5e LAN cable. In September, the Brazilian customer came to China for acceptance the tandem line. During a thorough inspection in September, the Brazilian client not only expressed contentment with the wire drawing and solid insulation tandem line but also unveiled plans to bolster their production scale by erecting 4 new manufacturing workshop.

Impressed by the quality and efficiency of the initial equipment, the Brazilian client extended their collaboration with LINT TOP. This second phase of cooperation involves the procurement of additional cutting-edge machinery, including a Pair Twisting Machine with Back Twist, Single Twist Laying-Up Machine for 4 Pair LAN Cable, Sheathing Line for LAN Cable (LSZH), and Coiling Machine.

wire drawing and solid insulation tandem line

This expanded partnership not only underscores the Brazilian company's confidence in the LINT TOP's product quality but also highlights the LINT TOP's reputation as a reliable and innovative provider of advanced cable manufacturing solutions. As both entities gear up to meet heightened production demands, this collaboration stands as a testament to the global nature of the cable manufacturing industry and the significance of international partnerships in fostering technological advancements.