The Installation and Commissioning of Bow Twister

On May 17 2018, our Ecuador customer signed the acceptance report in Ecuador after the success of installation and commissioning about the bow twister. The whole process went very well and our Ecuador customer are satisfied with the bow twister. This is the second time that our Ecuador customer have purchased bow twister. 

The bow twister is mostly used for laying up control table, mine cable and rubber-sheathed cable. The maximum rotating speed of stranding bow can reach 179RPM. In addition, the bow twister is driven by split motor, which is more stable and easy than the traditional shaft drive. Stable tension control ensures accurate lay length when full and empty. 


(The installation and commissioning of bow twister)

Time tells everything as time has witnessed our long-term cooperation with our Ecuador customer. Four sets of tubular strander in 2013, one set of rigid frame strander in 2014 and one set of planetary strander in 2015. All these successful projects show that we are a trustworthy and satisfactory company. LINT TOP will keep supplying best technical consulting and after-sale service to our customers!

Post time: May-22-2018
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