The Order of 16 Spindles Braiding Machine and Caterpillar from Argentina

Post time: Nov-23-2020

We are so glad to let you know that we have got another order from our new Argentina customer. The whole order includes 16 spindles vertical high-speed braiding machine, 2-head rewinding machine, 16-head pay-off stand and belt-type 500kg caterpillar. The production will be finished within 45 days and to be shipped to BUENOS AIRES port.

For the purpose of making 0.10mm tinned copper wires, our customer ordered this braiding machine which is usually used for weaving the cable soft shielding layer of copper wire, Al-Mg alloy wire and other materials. We showed our customer the braiding machine pictures and processing videos ( and finally we received the order which also includes the pay-off stand and rewinding machine. This 16 spindles braiding machine is suitable for Ф0.08~0.2mm single wire. This whole combination project is recognized by our customer.
Here are the following advantages of 16 spindles braiding machine:
-Humanized design of the whole machine, simple and convenient operation;
-The advanced technology of quantitative and timed automatic lubrication;
-Comprehensive fault and safety alarm warning system.

16-head pay-off stand
braiding machine
rewinding machine

To meet the requirements of replacing the old caterpillar equipment in the factory. Our customer also ordered the 500kg caterpillar for their extrusion production lines in the factory. This equipment adopts the TQDⅡbelt type haul off caterpillar which suitable for pulling cables whose diameter can be up to 40mm. The max. pulling force is 500kg and the pulling speed can be up to 150m/min. 2 belts are seamless belts with inside reinforce type. Caterpillar works as pneumatic compress and automatic tension belt, transmission realized by AC-11 kw Siemens variable frequency motor and K-series helicoid reducer. The equipment adopt Siemens G120 series controller to control rotating speed.


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