The Second Order Cooperated with Thailand Customer

Post time: Nov-10-2020

We received 30% payment of the second oder from our thailand customeron 20th, Oct, that means the order was confirmed. The order includes different pay-offs and take-ups (used to update their original insulation extrusion line) and one set of full rewinding line.

We received their inquiry on 25th, June, they changed their requirement two times during the order discussion stage. For their technical questions, we carefully answered. And we finally reached a consensus and produced a technical offer that met the customer’s requirements. They required us to send them pictures of each parts, and add the brand of each important parts etc.

At the end of Sept, their technician told me that we win in the project, and finally, we received their payment at the end of Oct. And now, all production goes smoothly.
All cargoes include:
1000mm motorized cantilever*3 Sets
Vertical and horizontal accumulator dancer*3 Sets
800mm double bobbin automatic change bobbin take up*1 Set
1000mm cantilever type traver take up*1 Set
Meter counter*1 Set

The commssioning of our first cooperation: 3 sets of wire drawing machine, we finished the commissioning of the drawing machine online. Each set of the drawing machines goes smoothly now, and they are satisfied with the quality we provided.

Now, we are also discussing other projects, we hope to get longer and more stable cooperation with our thailand customer  in the future.