The Technology of Development Foamed Fluoroplastic Cable

Post time: May-14-2021

Fluoroplastics are known to be a near-perfect resin material in the cable industry, with a unique combination of excellent performance that can provide excellent performance in many demanding applications, so they are widely used in wires and cables for high-speed data transmission. Foamed fluoroplastics have more excellent electrical properties on the basis of keeping the inherent flame retardancy, temperature resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance of fluoroplastics.

Foamed Fluoroplastic Cable

In recent years, fluoroplastics have become the best insulation material for high frequency transmission lines because of their characteristics.Moreover, fluorine plastics are far better than other materials in terms of excellent physical properties and electrical properties, which makes them widely used in high-end communication transmission lines and high-temperature resistant wires and cables.However, the high price of fluoroplastics limits its further application, so learning from the successful application of foaming technology of polyethylene (PE) and other materials, foamed fluoroplastics also emerged at the right moment.Compared with fluoroplastics and other cable insulation materials, foamed fluoroplastics have the following advantages:
A. More excellent electrical performance;
B. Save high material costs;
C. It does not affect the other excellent properties of fluoroplastics.
Foamed fluoroplastics keep the inherent flame retardant, temperature resistance, chemical resistance and weather resistance of fluoroplastics, and basically do not affect the mechanical properties of fluoroplastics.

The main application characteristics of foamed fluoroplastic cable are:
1. It can meet the requirements of data network cables for higher transmission rates and fire retardancy.
Foamed fluoroplastic cable is the best choice for higher frequency and low delay cables because it can take into consideration the traditional 100M cable effective transmission distance and transmission speed (> 10Gb/s), band width (> 500MHz) capacity.
2. Can meet the Ethernet power supply cable to provide power and communication at the same time.
3. It can meet the demand of high frequency data transmission capacity of the cable of consumer electronic products.
4. It can meet the demand of data center UHF electric transmission cable for higher data high-frequency transmission capacity.