Visit in Algeria

LINT TOP visited our Algerian customers in the last two weeks. As a meaningful opportunity, LINT TOP built deeper relationship with our customers.

The fifteen-day visit impressed our customers a lot and more cooperation will be reached since this meeting. Our visit cities included Algiers, Setif, Biskra, Relizane and so on. There were about 16 customers whose market share in Algeria is more than 80% in this visit. The purpose of this visit includes the installation and commissioning plan of the equipment which have been ordered, the running status of machine from LINT TOP.

In addition to equipment demand, the use of materials is also be discussed.

Speaking the material, we have updated our material catalog for a while. This catalog is mainly divided into several parts: extrusion material, filling material, insulating material, fire-retardant material and shielding and armoring material. Our material catalog is available now, please feel free to contact us through or tel: +86-516-85715085.


(LINT TOP and Our Customers)

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Post time: Apr-25-2019
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