Wish You a Happy Chinese New Year

February 02, 2019. As we all know that our most important festival–Chinese New Year is taking its’ step to our face.


(Chinese New Year)

The Chinese New Year is now popularly known as the spring festival since it starts from the beginning of spring. There are varied fable to be possible to trace to several millenniums before.

Most is famous is “the year beast” fable. “The year beast” is a cruel terrible wild animal, ancient times the person believed “year beast” when Chinese New Year’s Eve night can come out eats the person. The fable “the year beast” extremely fears red, the flame and quarrels the mixed sound, the people on paste the red paper in the gate, and selects the torch all night, is setting off the artillery candle, avoids “the year beast”. To second day early morning, “has congratulated” the sound to the ear, in the air does not fill the air is defeating “the year beast” the victory and the rebirth joy.

This is the year filled with challenges and opportunities. With the festive season approaching, all the employees from LINT TOP wishing you a happy New Year.

Post time: Feb-03-2019
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