AC Voltage Withstand Test System

AC Voltage Withstand Test System

  • Payment Terms T/T, L/C, D/P, etc.
  • Delivery Time 90 days
  • Place of Origin China
  • Port of Loading Shanghai, China
  • Shipping By sea
  • HS Code 9030331000
  • Container Load 1*20GP
  • Warranty Period 12 months

Product Details


Product Details

1. Introduction

The AC voltage test system is mainly used for power cable, electric transformer, HV  instrument transformer, HV switch, etc. The test items include AC voltage test, PD test  and electric aging test.

2. Components

1. Test transformer
2. LV filter
3. Coupling capacitor
4. Digital PD detector
5. Double shielded isolated transformer
6. HV capacitive divider
7. Contact type regulator
8. Digital control desk

3. Technical Parameters

1. Rated voltage: 1.0KV-1500KV (and above)
2. Rated capacity: 1.0KVA-1500KVA (and above)
3. Noise: ≤65dB (2m away from equipment)
4. Operation duty: At rated capacity, 1 hour on, 1 hour off, 3-6 times one day. Continuously working at 50% of rated capacity
5. PD level: 80% of rated voltage, PD ≤ 2pC (or smaller as users required) (or other duration according to test requirement).

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    Q: Can I visit your factory?

    A: All the customers from both home and abroad are warmly welcomed to visit our company and factory.

    Q: Do you supply the installation and commissioning?
    A: Yes, we do as followings:
    -As soon as customer informed us the machines are put in the right place, we will send both mechanical and electrical engineer for machine start up.
    -No-load testing: After machine installed completely, we make no-load testing first.
    -With-load testing: Usually we will can produce 3 different wires to make load testing.

    -Acceptance report: After the buyer confirms that machine can reach all specification under contract, the acceptance report will be signed for our record that machine will be in guarantee period.

    Q: What information should I offer to get a detailed quotation from you?
    A: For single machine: Usually we need to know inlet wire size, outlet wire size to be produced, productivity, pay off and take up size to choose the right machine.
    For new cable plant or new cable production line, we need to know the datasheet of cables to be produced, the productivity, the standards to be followed, etc to design all machines needed.

    Q: Can you supply the auxiliary equipment along with the machines?
    A: Yes, definitely.
    We has supplied heat exchanger, copper/aluminum powder filter machine, cooling tower, chiller, air compressor, drawing dies, pointing machine, cold welders, bobbins etc. with our machines.

    Q: Could you do the design for the whole plant?
    A: Yes, this is our advantage.
    With the data sheet of cable to be produced, the standard your cables should follows, the productivity you expected. Our engineer on production technology and machinery will make design of production machines, test equipment, accessories like bobbins, dies, rewinding lines and materials needed.

    Q: How can I know the status of my order?
    A: We have our OA system on tracking the production.
    For any of your request we can send photos and videos of your order, also we can use FACETIME to let you know the production.

    Q: How do you work on the inspection before delivery?
    A: We will make dynamic balance testing, levelness testing, noise testing, etc. during production.
    After production finished, usually we make no-load running of each machine before delivery. Customers are welcomed to attend the inspection.

    Q: What exhibitions will you attend, can we meet in the fair?
    A: Dusseldorf International Wire and Cable Fair;
    Wire South America Fair;
    International Wire and Cable Fair in Shanghai;
    International Istanbul Wire Fair, etc.
    wire Southeast Asia Fair, etc.

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