AC Voltage Test System

AC Voltage Test System

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AC Voltage Withstand Test System

The AC voltage test system is mainly used for power cable, electric transformer, HV instrument transformer, HV switch, etc. The test items include AC voltage test, PD test and electric aging test.

Technical Parameters

Rated voltage: 1.0kV~1500kV {and above)             Rated capacity: 1.0kVA~1500kVA(and above)

Noise: ≤65dB(2m away from equipment)                     PD level: 80% of rated voltage, PD = 2pc(or smaller as users required)

Operation duty: at rated capacity, 1 hour on, 1 hour off, 3-6 times one day.Continuously working at 50% of rated capacity (Or other duration according to test requirement).


Test transformer               1set                                         Double shielded isolated transformer  1pc

LV filter                             1set                                                  HV capacitive divider                          1set

Coupling capacitor            1pc                                         Contact type regulator                         1pc

Digital PD detector           1pc                                          Digital control dest                               1pc

Test transformer

We have two types of test transformer:

LT1-Relative humidity of HV component(Non condensing) 

Voltage 5KV ~ 500KV/Capacity 5KVA ~ 1000KVA


LT2-modular type(epoxy barrel)test transformer                     

Voltage 10 KV ~ 1500KV/capacity 1.0KVA ~ 1500KVA

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