Copper Horizontal Enameling Machine

Copper Horizontal Enameling Machine

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This copper horizontal enameling  machine is used to produce enameling wires below 0.8mm, commonly in fan motor wires, motor wires and transformer wires. It can produce 32 wires at the same time. It is even suitable for new factories and new operators for its simple operation.


1.1 With special design, our oven takes full advantage of heat discharged. So our oven almost doesn’t consume the electricity.

1.2 PLC control for the 4 main control point of the oven to ensure the stability and not be affected by wire break.

1.3 Exhausted air is fully burned and clean to the air. So no energy loss from exhausting.

1.4 The structure of  copper horizontal enameling  machine and material using make sure burning fully under 700for a long time.

Technical Parameters

Technical Data LT-1T/2800-24/10-S LT-2T/3000-28/8-S LT-4T/4000-32/8-S LT-5T/4800-18/10-D(LD2) LT-6T/5200-18/10-D(LD2)
Wire range φ0.04-0.07mm φ0.06-0.10mm φ0.10-0.30mm φ0.25-0.55mm φ0.40-0.80mm
DV value 24PU 22/PU 25/PE 25/PE 25/PE
No. of lines 24 28 32/28/24 20 18
Max. passes(Dual coating) 10 8 8 9 10
Wire pitch 5mm 5mm 6.5mm 7mm 8mm
Pay-off spool size φ200-φ250 φ200-φ300 Φ300-φ400 Φ400-φ630 Φ400-φ630
Applicator method Felt/Dies Felt Felt/Dies Felt/Dies Felt/Dies
Take-up spool size PT2-PT4 PT2-PT10 PT4-PT25 D(PT10-PT45)/LD2(PT25-PT270) D(PT10-PT45)/LD2(PT25-PT270)
Ann. oven length 3000mm 3500mm 6000mm 9000mm 9000mm
Max. temp of annealer 450 450 500 500℃ 550℃
Baking oven length 2800mm 3000mm 4000mm 4800mm 5200mm
Catalyst Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic
Install power 110Kw 115Kw 125Kw 145Kw 155Kw
Energy  consumption 600-650KwH/24Hrs 650-700KwH/24Hrs 300-400KwH/24Hrs 350-450KwH/24Hrs 450-550KwH/24Hrs
Out-put 290Kgs/24Hrs(φ0.05mm) 540Kgs/24Hrs(φ0.08mm) 1600Kgs/24Hrs(φ0.20mm) 2000Kgs/24Hrs(φ0.40mm) 2370Kgs/24Hrs(φ0.60mm)
Operating voltage 380V-50Hz 380V-50Hz 380V-50Hz 380V-50Hz 380V-50Hz
Consumption/kg 2.06KwH/Kg 0.88KwH/Kg 0.25KwH/Kg 0.22KwH/Kg 0.222KwH/Kg
Environment data VOC 20mg/m³ 20mg/m³ 20mg/m³ 20mg/m³ 20mg/m³

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