Vertical Enameling Machine

Vertical Enameling Machine

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This machine is used to produce enameling wires wire above 0.8mm.This machine adopts the latest R & D of “energy saving and environmental protection” type oven. The energy consumption is less than 200kwh/t.


  1. High Efficiency: PLC automatic control
  2. Environmental protection: PLC auto exhaust value
  3. Environment Data: VOC20mg/m³

Technical Parameters

Technical Data LT-8000V-1/19*-6 LT-8000V-1/14*2-8 LT-8000V-1/8*2-9
Wire range(mm) Cu:φ0.80-1.50Al:φ0.80-1.80 Cu:φ1.20-2.50Al:φ1.20-2.80 Cu:φ0.80-1.3.0Al:φ0.80-3.5
DV value 25 25 25
Total DV 950 700 400
Lines 38 28 16
Inline drawing - - -
Capstan 2 2/4 2/4
Install power 295Kw 295Kw 295Kw
Out put 3300Kgs/24Hrs(Cu:φ1.20mm) 4240Kgs/24Hrs(Cu:φ2.0mm) 2420Kgs/24Hrs(Cu:φ2.0mm)
Power consumption KwH/24Hrs 1800-2000KwH/24Hrs 2000-2200KwH/24Hrs 2000-2200KwH/24Hrs
Consumption/kg 0.52KwH/Kg(Cu) 0.42KwH/Kg(Cu) 0.72KwH/Kg(Cu)
Environment data VOC 20mg/m³ 20mg/m³ 20mg/m³
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