The cable equipment purchased by Lebanon Customer for Power Cable has been delivered again

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LINT TOP is a leading supplier of wire and cable production equipment and a turnkey project service provider in the wire and cable industry in China. We have delivered multiple wire and cable factories around the world. A customer in Lebanon also purchased a batch of equipment from LINT TOP for the production of low-voltage power cables and ABC cables.

The equipment purchased by the Lebanese customer includes 630 stranding machines, 800 stranding machines, 1250 bunching machines, 32-head tinning machines, rigid frame stranding machines, bow type stranding machines, wire drawing machines, rewinding machines, and coiling machines. A total of 25 cabinets will be delivered this time, which will be divided into 6 batches for delivery. Currently, 2 batches have been shipped, and the remaining equipment will be shipped one after another.

The cable equipment purchased by Lebanon Customer for Power Cable has been delivered again (1)

LINT TOP equipment will have strict quality control during production, and will be inspected by QC after production. Sometimes, at the request of customers, inspections are also conducted jointly with a third party. In short, LINT TOP will strictly control the quality of equipment in many aspects and links.

At the same time, LINT TOP also attaches great importance to delivery. The equipment will be packaged before leaving the factory. When loading the cabinets, experienced workers will be responsible for loading the cabinets, and do a good job of reinforcement to ensure the safe transportation of the equipment and ensure that the equipment is safely delivered to the customer.

LINTTOP's commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond the provision of quality cable production equipment. Our experienced logistics team carefully coordinates shipments to ensure timely and safe transportation from China to Lebanon. We understand the importance of efficient logistics in meeting project deadlines and minimizing customer downtime.

As we continue to expand our global presence, LINTTOP will remain committed to providing unparalleled products and services. We strive to strengthen the cooperative relationship with global wire and cable manufacturers, and consistently provide the highest quality cable production equipment to meet the special requirements of customers. We look forward to serving you and meeting your needs for cable production equipment.