Optical Fiber Sz Stranding Line

Optical Fiber Sz Stranding Line

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SZ stranding can be done either as stand-alone process 4-18 loose tube, in which line dia. loose tube can up to φ3.5mm and ribbons in tube can up to φ8mm( Max.6 unit)


1. Multi- motor full differential SZ stranding device makes the stranding angle to be 18π

2. Adopt dual cross binders with an adequate electric control system.

3. The stranding process guarantees in all circumstance low stranding tension fluctuation, accurate and stable lay length and constant binding tension.

Structural Speed: 120m/min

Tube Count: 6/12/18(φ1.5-4.0mm tube)

SZ Stranding Lay Length: 45-500mm±5mm

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