Under The Influence of COVID-19, How Does Lint Top Guarantee The Installation and Commissioning of Wire & Cable Equipment?

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For more than two years, the global COVID-19 situation has continued. As a wire & cable machinery manufacturer and exporter, our customers cannot come to our factory to inspect the products, and engineers cannot go abroad for installation and commission, which has become a difficult problem for Lint Top. Through communicating and trying with customers, we have created a new way of doing business and solved this problem very well.

installation and commission during COVID-19

1. Inspection through video before delivery
Lint Top has modern production plants and professional technical research and development team, and we are very confident in the wire & cable equipment we produced. However, in order to make customers feel at ease, when customers cannot come to our factory to inspect the machine during the COVID-19, we let customers inspect the machine through video, and then deliver the machine after the inspection is completed, so that customers can be more assured of the products they purchased.
2. Third-party inspection
In addition to video inspection, Lint Top can also cooperate with qualified third parties selected by customers to inspect the machine. Fair inspection can better appease customers' concerns, and can help customers control quality, avoid risks and save costs.

3. Online video commission
The COVID-19 has hindered travel. In order to make the equipment invested by our customers put into production as quickly as possible and create profits for customers, we have changed to online remote commission. Through measures such as increasing the frequency of communication and improving the communication process, the efficiency of online communication has been improved. The most complex machines we have successfully worked with are SFS Tandem Lines, Pelletizing Lines, Drum Twister etc.
4. Travel protection measures for engineers
If it is necessary for our engineers going abroad to assistant our customer installation and commission of some equipment, Lint Top has purchased special insurance for the COVID-19 for all engineers who go abroad, and arranges them to be vaccinated as soon as possible, and prepares enough epidemic prevention materials for them to protect engineers security, which is also protecting the safety of our customers.


5. Establish branches
For Lint Top, customers buy not only our products, but also our installation, commissioning and other services. In order to provide stable and timely services to foreign customers, we have set up 2 branches, North Africa Branch, Middle East Branch, In the near future, a branch will be set up in South America. At present, the engineers of the branch can cover the installation and commissioning work required by customers in neighboring countries.

Through the above methods, we have helped dozens of factories in many countries to complete the installation and commissioning of equipment. Facts have proved that the epidemic has not affected Lint Top's high-quality services to customers, and it has also helped both parties save time and costs.
At the same time, in response to the possible impact of the epidemic, we have also formulated targeted solutions in terms of factory production, order feedback, and logistics tracking.

1. Pay attention to upstream and downstream
Lint Top will communicate with our materials suppliers at any time to confirm their performance time, capacity and production plan and delivery arrangement, etc., and take measures such as increasing the stocking volume and changing raw material suppliers if necessary to reduce the adverse impact caused by suppliers.

2. Safe production
Lint Top factory takes strict anti-epidemic protection measures every day. Staff need to wear protective equipment such as masks and goggles, register outsiders, and disinfect the factory every day to ensure safe production.
3. Check the order
If part or all of the obligations of the contract cannot be fulfilled due to the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, we will actively send a written notice to the customer to terminate or postpone the performance of the contract, so that the customer can know the order situation as soon as possible, and cooperate with the customer to complete the continuation or interruption of the order.
4. Prepare alternative plan
We pay close attention to the operation of ports, airports and other important delivery locations. In case of temporary closure due to the epidemic, Lint Top has innovated the supply system and will promptly change the logistics method, ports, and reasonable planning to avoid losses to the purchaser to the greatest extent. .

During the COVID-19, the timely and in-place services of Lint Top have been well received by overseas customers. Lint Top thinks about what customers think and is anxious for their needs, and solves problems for customers. Working together with LINT TOP team, you will have no worries.